Have you been following the unceremonious demise of popular California-based garage/indie rock label Burger Records? What a mess! In the wake of a long-overdue reckoning with a pervasive culture of toxic masculinity both among the members of the label’s boy-bands and within the Burger brass, it seems no guitar wielding, LoFi-inclined, LA-adjacent group will be left unscathed. The Growlers, the Cosmonauts, the Buttertones, etc. have all been laid low–and rightfully so–by accusations ranging from predation to abuse.

In the wake of the larger #metoo movement, it seems only appropriate that the indie rock scene should reassess its values. The scene has long been too heterogenous–too bro-y. It’s due time for the scene to, as Christopher Jackson sings in the undeniable banger from Disney’s Moana, “Make way, make way” for some more diversity and some less problematic bands.

Perhaps no young Northeast Florida-based rock outfit is more deserving of a brighter spotlight than the indie-tinged quintet of minors, Hensley. After a run of effervescent, approachable singles starting with 2018’s “Give it Up” the group has dropped an eponymous EP. And if you’re looking for some reverb-oriented, jangly jams performed by an open-minded, well-adjusted, and decidedly unproblematic collection of musicians, this four-song release should find your earholes immediately.

For those who’ve followed the group since inception, the EP’s lead track “So Soon” is standard-Hensley fare–a rattly guitar salvo, some introspective lyrics over jazzy verse chords delivered by lead vocalist Kendall Mason, a charming, infectious chorus. Track two “White Noise” is a laidback affair, dripping with reverb and adolescent angst, and is followed by the plucky and proto-punk-ish “The Day Before Sean’s Birthday.” The previously released, yet still timely “Get Out” rounds out the EP, with Mason lamenting a small-town-induced claustrophobia that could serve as a metaphor for the binge-watching, toilet paper hoarding, takeout devouring shut-ins we’ve all become in the year of COVID-19.

Click play to listen to Hensley’s polished, lovable carefree brand of indie rock.