Oh, how we miss our friends. Way back in the Before Time (six months ago-ish), we very much looked forward to artists visiting our ‘lil big city, whether they be serenading us or melting our faces with their foreign sounds. Fellow Sunshine Stater Ben Katzman certainly fits in the latter category. The Miami-based guitarist, along with his merry band of rotating players–known as DeGreaser–built a following here on the state’s First Coast, visiting irregularly, but consistently delighting with his brand of hard-charging, earnest-yet-irreverent rock.

A witty songwriter and dead nuts guitar hero with an unwavering love of Kiss, Katzman’s charted an undeniably singular sonic path through contemporary indie rock. And with a new and predictably heavy instrumental, the guitarist traces (and shreds) a new one. If, like us here at Void Mag, you are ready to vanquish this virus and all its related disruptions, “Path of the Mutagen” will surely put you in a world-beating mood. And while it wouldn’t likely make it through clinical trials, one could imagine cranking Katzman’s new tune to 11 might very well rattle the DNA of whatever viral particulate might be lingering within range.

Click play below to hear Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser shred the “Path of the Mutagen.”

And watch Katzman go Into the Void at our old Jax Beach HQ below.