It’s been five years since local quartet Faze Wave’s debut release OK Alright. Over the course of a handful of singles, EPs, and two full-lengths, the group has earned a substantial local following, while honing its identifiably Indie sound. During that span, washed-out guitar solos, intentionally LoFi production, and Faze Wave frontman Matthew Flynn’s earnest vocals rendered the group’s sound fit for a playlist among contemporary indie rock groups like Real Estate, Beach House, Fruit Bats, et al.

But after a half-decade of working out a signature, albeit familiar, sound, the band has changed tack, emerging with its first song of the new decade–a grimy, primal rocker called “Lights Out.” With distorted guitars, diluted drums, heavily affected vocals, all mixed into a concussive wall of noise, “Lights Out” shares more DNA with early 2000s garage rock revivalists like The Strokes than the chill-AF wave of guitar groups from the 2010s. The accompanying video is equally unhinged, featuring the band–and friends–raising hell and surely heading for one of those I’m never drinking again kind of hangovers.

“Lights Out” is a welcome diversion, if not progression, as–as prolific as the band’s been–this is still a young group. Hopefully they’ll continue to surprise and entertain us with more artistic twists and turns, as well as a fair amount of hell raising. Click play to hear the band get messy.

And watch Faze Wave’s rustic, stripped down set from our Into The Void: Office Music Series below.