If you’re like me, a little too much time on your hands can be counterproductive. Too much sitting, stirring, indecision and mind-wandering, and I usually end up just sitting on my hands (figuratively, of course).

In any event, its clear that Jonathan Grant Berlin (Sunbears!, Johnnyswimm) is not like me. Perennially busy, the musician/songwriter/producer/engineer and owner and operator of Atlantic Beach’s Vinyl Record Pressing seems to be taking this whole shelter-in-place thing in stride. On Friday, Berlin dropped two new tracks under his solo nom de plume Sunbears!.

“This project will consist of meditative beats and tunes that have been created and will be created as a means to return back to a state of peace and well-being,” says the project description on Spotify.

With the mantra-ready titles “Everything is Good” and “U R Gonna B OK” both tracks are ambient, electronic, and decidedly pensive instrumentals. With lo-fi drum and bass samples, swaths of colorful synths and lots and lots and lots of space, the interstellar (and stellar) “U R Gonna B OK” sounds tailor made for the lobby of a New Age healing spa. Both tracks are shoe-ins for David Luckin’s Electro Lounge.

So find a quiet place, plop down on the floor criss-cross-apple-sauce, and click play on these new Sunbears! tunes. You’ll certainly be in a better place if you do.