Since making Jacksonville home, The Ellameno Beat’s Reggie Froom has been doing his fair share of exploration. Long hair billowing out the window of his excursion vehicle–a black transit–he’s become a fixture at surf breaks around Northeast Florida. Outside of his pounding the pavement and aquatic adventures, Froom’s undertaken various sonic projects, tinkering in his studio, cranking up his homespun music equipment, even lending his ear and skills behind the switchboard to a range of disparate projects, including an EP for noisy metal act TANSIT.

Ellameno Beat frontman and Jax-transplant, Reggie Froom.

In late October, with the release of the psych-infused single “Break Through” we got a taste of what all that experimentation hath wrought for The Ellameno Beat. It’s quite a departure. And surely a nice trip.

Gone are the roots-y, funk-inflected nods to dub and reggae. Instead, with washed-out vocals, LoFi guitar sounds, lyrics that drip with mysticism, unique tempo changes, and plenty of atmospherics, “Break Through” draws more on Revolver-era Beatles and fits nicely among tunes from contemporary adherents to psych-rock aesthetics like Temples.

Froom in his home studio, turning the dials on a new sound.

Out of the gate with a four-on-the-floor beat and the refrain “If we could just break through to the other side, we might just find our souls collide,” things go from liquid to gaseous with a hallucinogenic verse section, before heading into a heavy, solid territory with a punchy instrumental break.

Froom wrote, performed, recorded and mixed “Break Through” in his home studio and credits the “homegrown nature of the recording” with help​ing him “navigate the societal complications of COVID-19, providing an extended period of introspection and instant access to a creative playground of gear.” ​

Lyrically, Froom touches on themes of self-realization. “I​n this time of isolation, I’ve had the opportunity to reflect extensively on my life, and really take in where I am right now,” he says of his current sonic headspace. “[‘Break Through’] is the result of that reflection, and my belief that, though it may sometimes feel impossible, we really can break through to the other side of the massive obstacle that seems to be in front of us all right now.”

Click play to break through along with Froom and The Ellemeno Beat.

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