While certainly of this moment in music, Jax-based singer, rapper, and producer Eddy Braveaux’s new full-length is a forward looking compilation. Released on Friday, June 26, the seven-song Prototype is a sonic blend of contemporary electronics and samples, featuring the multi-talented Braveaux bouncing between sultry electronic vocals on sensual R&B numbers like the album’s lead track “Souleater” and ferocious rhymes on angsty, sure-to-be club bangers (when we can gather in clubs again) like track #3: “Him.”

More than a collection of hot-though-disparate tracks, Prototype is ambitiously homogeneous. A concept album at heart, Prototype finds the young artist unpacking universal emotions like loss and disappointment (“L’s” as Braveaux calls them), as well as the trepidation and miscommunication many young folks feel in the face of emerging technology. In adopting a Sci-fi-esque origin story, of emerging from strife as a kind of technologically advanced sub-human, Braveaux deals with the contemporary world in a truly distinctive way–one that remains highly listenable beyond the metaphorical depth.

“[The album] is inspired by lots of losing. Many failures, missed opportunities, and ongoing miscommunications that have led to a lesser quality of life,” Braveaux says. ” That’s where this ‘Android’ comes into play. It represents who I’ve developed into based on the L’s of my past. The album represents me being prospected as a candidate and initially surrendering to the transformation at hand. Prototype is the calling to becoming a greater being overall.”

With samples from the renowned producer ghost/\/ghoul, Braveaux’s Prototype stands as one of the most ambitious local albums of 2020 thus far. And with more releases on the way, the future is bright for Braveaux and, in turn, Jax’s music scene. For now, you should be bumping this one. Click play below to hear Braveaux’s futuristic Prototype.