If you’re not familiar with Che Forreign, you may actually be in an enviable position; like the way that someone who’s never seen Breaking Bad or The Sopranos has seven plus seasons to experience, for the first time–all the iconic moments their friends have been quoting for years.

Now, before you go thinking the new live album of stripped back acoustic tracks, Self-Ish Live, is some kind of murderous musical narrative, I must let you know that Forreign–her songs and her soul–are most definitely the opposite. With every verse she spits, and every run she scales, Forreign breathes out gratefulness and joy as confidently as a Buddhist monk. As a performer, Forreign gives away to her audience a kind of goodness that most people try to keep for themselves. She’s a healer and a protector. Whether she’s sharing the stage as part of the popular Duval Hip-hop collective L.O.V.E. Culture, fronting a nü-metal band, or standing solo in all her powerful delicateness, Forreign is a light you can’t look away from. 

“This EP is the live recording of a livestream aired on 11/11. Songs old and new, stripped down bare, nothing but guitar and raw vocals,” Forreign says of the MTV Unplugged-hearkening album.  “The history behind these songs told of story of many obstacles being an independent artist- struggling through finding the right people, the right sound–struggling with toxic energies, having to start over, or leave things be. It was hard for me, personally. In order to start anew, and reclaim my art again I wanted to set these songs free the right way, with what was always my words, voice and vision.”

Che Live was recorded live at Friends of Friends Recording, the new Springfield outpost of Chicago-transplants Brok Mende (Audiotree) and DeAnna Deorsch. Forreign is accompanied on guitar by Conduit. 

Click play below to unplug with Che. 

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