Indie quartet Bobby Kid first made waves with 2018’s Peach, a well-groomed-but-oscillating, long period swell of a debut in a local sea of short-period chop. While Peach mixed a distinctive sonic palette with shoegaze energy, the band’s newest offerings, while still erring on the side of languid, find the group stalking through more solidly indie-pop territory, albeit with its signature moroseness.

“I don’t want to be funny / I don’t want to be pretty I don’t want to be cool / I just want to be blue,” sings Anna Lester in the opening salvo to “Blue,” which morphs into a sullen but anthemic 90s-alternative-hearkening rocker; complete with crunchy guitar strums and a watercolor smear of atonal atmospherics. Together with the fetching minimalist number, “Dissonance,” Bobby Kid finds itself in similar airspace to contemporary indie standouts like Snail Mail, Waxahatchee, and Alvvays, artists who dress their pop sensibilities and serious songwriting chops in the sonic duds de rigueur in interesting ways. 

A 7″ vinyl featuring “Blue” and Dissonance” is available on Bobby Kid’s Bandcamp page.