Jacksonville-based Indie rock quartet Faze Wave has been teasing a follow-up to 2018’s well-received Lethologica since late spring, leaking a smattering of new singles, as well as a new music video. Would a new collection of songs represent a departure for the band, a group that gained a fervent local following with its identifiably Indie sound–watery guitar solos, intentionally LoFi production, earnest lyrics all fit for a playlist among 2010-ish contemporary groups like Real Estate, Fruit Bats, Surfer Blood, Smith Westerns, et al?

The first taste of the Faze Wavers new material–the raucous, decidedly garage-y banger “Lights Out”–certainly indicated that the answer would be yes. Then came “Couch”,  a laidback affair featuring the kind of reverb-drenched guitar melodies and singer Matt Flynn’s lethargic vocal delivery that both reminded listeners why they loved Faze Wave to begin with and proved that the band could pull the lever on the recliner and ease back into familiar territory with admirable results.

Now, with our interests firmly peaked, we have a broader view of the band’s sonic identity as it stands in 2020. In late October, the Faze Wave released a new six-song collection, Wisdom Teeth, as well as a video for the aforementioned “Couch.”

In addition to the flippant garage-tune “Lights Out” and the Chill-fi “Couch”, Wisdom Teeth features a surf-centric, ballad-esque opening track “Holding On”; an angsty condemnation of the band’s home state titled “Florida”; and a jangly, post-punk number called “Having a Heart” that smacks delightfully of mid-80s R.E.M. or Joy Division (it even features the line “Love will tear us apart”). The lovelorn and moody “How’s Your Mom”, closes out the EP.

Taken as a whole, Wisdom Teeth shows a group comfortable enough in its own skin to take a few calculated risks and wise enough to play to its strengths as prolific creators of approachable indie rock.

Click play to to pull on Faze Wave’s Wisdom Teeth.

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