Though tours are on hold and venues sitting idle and empty, reports of music’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Locally, Jacksonville artists have been releasing new–and very good–music at a record clip.

Here are five releases from Jacksonville artists we recommend putting in your earholes immediately.

Modern Violence
“St. Gregory”
The kind of heavy, emotional, contemporary rock song we’ve come to expect from Modern Violence, “St. Gregory” simmers and boils between confusion and despair; a tune–at least emotionally speaking–for our times.
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Tenny Rudolph
“One More Chance”
Aside from being one of our fave local photogs, Tenny Rudolph makes sultry, chill AF R&B. “One More Chance” begs the question: Does Rudolph prefer photographer-slash-musician or musician-slash-photographer?
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“Get Out”
“There’s a whole wide world out there and I’m missing it,” sings Hensley front-person Kendall Mason, before launching into the pre chorus kicker, “If this is where I spend the rest of my life, I’m gonna lose my f*****g mind!” We feel you, Kendall! All of us feel you. Click play to “Get Out” with Jax Beach youngsters Hensley below. It’s the cathartic release we all need right now.
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Everything is Good 
With the mantra-ready titles “Everything is Good”, “U R Gonna B OK”, and “Another Chance to Turn it All Around” this new collection of ambient, electronic, and decidedly pensive instrumentals from Sunbears! sounds tailor made for the lobby of the kind of New Age healing spa we’d like to visit. Furthermore, all are shoe-ins for David Luckin’s Electro Lounge. Find a quiet place, plop down on the floor criss-cross-apple-sauce, and click play on these new Sunbears! tunes. You’ll certainly be in a better place if you do.
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Folk is People
Happy Birthday Forever
Folk is People continues to balance the emotional with the celebratory with their latest five-song collection, reinforcing singer-songwriter Stacey Bennett’s status as North Florida’s preeminent alt-folk troubadour. Happy Birthday Forever features songs ranging from the ruminative to the raucous. The centerpiece of the release is “White Daisy.” Carried along by organ, violin, and acoustic guitar, Bennett delivers a poignant anthem for the LGBTQ community. “It’s a song about bravery and resilience (especially in the South),” says Bennett. “And a dedication to the folks that work toward making spaces more inclusive and safer for everyone.”
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