While we may not yet be able to enjoy live music, we’re blessed here in Northeast Florida, as the creative cups of local musicians overfloweth. There’s been plenty of new tunes released in the last few weeks. Here are four we’re really digging.

“Caution to the Wind”

“Maintain safety, uphold my status,” Jax native and indie-folk standout Trella croons over what’s become Trella-de-rigeuer–ambient keys, an electronic drumbeat, and Sweat’s soulful vocals. But as the tempo builds behind her, longtime Trella listeners are treated to a pleasant surprise, the tune kicking into a second, then third gear on its way to a decidedly exorcising chorus. “I’m throwing caution to the wind / I don’t care about the risk,” she sings in what’s Trella’s most-danceable hook to date. And, if listeners were still wondering if the singer-songwriter were truly laying it all on the line, the chorus’s final lines find Trella pushing her voice to the high end of its range, finishing with a joyful yelp. Fun stuff, to be sure!

Modern Violence
“Past Life”
Last week, Indie-Emo faves Modern Violence spiked our pulse with “Past Life,” a crunchy, melodious, and dramatic rock tune that copes with regret.

“We thought we had the first time,” guitarist and lead vocalist Jesse Brantman wails in the song’s hook before coming clean, “I want to live in that past life.”

We’ve listened and truth be told: No regrets here. Click play to listen.

Justin Time The Rookie
“Oh, Romeo!
Justin Time The Rookie–whose real name is Justin Reid–has already released a smattering of EPs and this year’s I Not Sorry should certainly serve as a kind of coronation for Reid as one the region’s most promising young pop talents. Reid’s smooth vocal style and effortless flow certainly carry the day on I Not Sorry. But a deeper listen reveals the youngster’s ear for distinctive soundscapes. The record’s first single “Oh Romeo!” is decidedly saccharine,  propelled by a playful melody and jubilant Latin percussion.

“No G00D”
Funky, dance-promoting Northeast Florida group flo.wav’s newest tune “No G00d” is a saccharine, candy coated party starter that belongs at the top of local pop charts. Opening with a spit fire verse over a drive-y drumbeat and loose rhythmic guitar, “No G00d” never really builds; it’s a party from first note. The song’s all breezy melodies and good-time flow, perfect for taking your mind of otherwise anxious times.

Click play to watch the equally fun video of flo.wav up to “No G00d”.

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