I got my vaccine! You know it’s 2021 when such a statement is worth jotting down; or sharing on your social.

Do I feel different? I did have one severely Hell night–my immune system works! But has my behavior changed? Did I go ‘round licking doorknobs? Have I been frequenting indoor public spaces, YOLO’ing in mask-free revelry?

I have not.

I’m waiting for you to get yours. Because there’s so much to look forward to.

Our April Issue is full of recommendations for cool art, swag, and music–like the two new tracks from Bobby Kid (pictured) | Photo Tenny Rudolph

It certainly seems like local artists are gearing up for the post-COVID world. We’ve got new music to share from some of our region’s finest. Arts contributor Madeleine Peck Wagner wrote about the inimitable Princess Simpson Rashid, an artist who requires no introduction, but is certainly worthy of the VOID-profile treatment.

Artist Princess Simpson Rashid (seen here inside her CoRK studio) gets the VOID-profile treatment in our April issue. | Photo Jesse Brantman

Arts and Music Columnist Daniel A. Brown says “hello” to Mr. Joe, who with his own YouTube channel, an idiosyncratic personae, and EP of children’s music on the way, has established himself as a kind of Lavar Burton meets Raffi meets Mr. Rogers. Contributor Darby Moore caught up with immutably creative shred sisters, Zoe and Mia Larson, a SoFla-based duo making waves with their vintage clothes, ink, and incredible surf style across the state; including up here in Jax. 

Tattoos, vintage clothing, and radical surf style distinguish the South Florida duo, Mia and Zoe Larson. The sisters grace this month’s surf section.

Oh, and we’re looking forward to summer. We dug through the Jax Library’s Special Collections and found some epic archival photos from the beaches. And we put together a Surfboard Guide and a Summer Gear Guide, sussing out the best sleds, swag, and more to keep you hot in the humidity.

Beach scenes circa ’81 from the photo feature “Who Doesn’t Love a Parade?” in our April issue. | Photo Reiss, courtesy of the Florida Times-Union and the Jacksonville Library Special Collections

So get your #fauciouchie. As an incentive, we’re offering anyone who gets the shot, a free copy of VOID.