Time to face the music: We’re trashy people.

But we can do better.

That’s the idea driving local environmentally focused organization Beaches Go Green. BGG hopes to boost awareness of the waste that we produce and how it affects the environment, with particular emphasis on on single-use plastic and our beaches/oceans.

Currently BGG is working with the Cities of Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Jax Beach and Ponte Vedra to encourage residents to be more conscious of the choices that they make when it comes to what they buy, how they handle their waste & recycling, etc.

And you can help! BGG is conducting a survey AVAILABLE HERE. Take the survey–it only takes 5 minutes–to help  show  the municipalities and businesses, therein, that the community is ready for change and wants better options for taking care of our beaches.

On Saturday, Beaches Go Green will officially open Jellyfish Park–a single-use plastic awareness art display with an interactive children’s maze play area– at the Deck the Chairs celebration in Jax Beach. Take the survey and check out the installation this weekend. More info, here.