Brunch — it’s a social phenomenon. The Sunday staple of the Millennial generation. Brunch is the place where 20-somethings gather on Sunday before the workweek begins again. It is a socially serendipitous adventure, in which every Millennial must attend.

As if going out on Friday and Saturday wasn’t enough, Sunday Brunch is the final hurrah of the weekend, the place where dressing up is not only essential, but also crucial. Where wearing your clothes from the night before and a light shade of mildly rubbed-off mascara isn’t really that bad because hey, you looked pretty good last night.

The hardest decision you may have to make for the day is Mimosas or Bloodys, Bloodys or Mimosas? Every place claims to have the best brunch and the spiciest Bloody Mary, until you try them all, you won’t know for sure. Grab your brunch crew and seek out the best spot, then share your findings with the world. Quest on brunchers, quest on for the best brunch in town!

Here are some of our top picks:

1. Zeta

They really do have the best Bloody Mary in town. Complete with bacon, celery, olives and the whole nine yards, and they use top shelf vodka.  As far as food goes, Mahi Jax Beach is a top pick.

2. Orsay

If you woke up feeling like Julia Child and want to treat yourself to a swanky French brunch, then you should absolutely try Orsay, or at least the Duck Confit.

3. Black Sheep

If you are feeling the venture over the ditch, then Black Sheep is where you must land. The rooftop seating just makes your day complete.

4. Pusser’s Caribbean Grill

Although it’s a small-chain restaurant, they have some amazing food and drinks with a great view.

5. Metro Diner

You do have to bring your own champagne, but the food is famous, just ask Guy Fieri. If you haven’t already, try the chicken and waffles.

6. Tacolu

They have a great brunch with a fun atmosphere and is conducive to larger groups of people. Try not to fill up on chips and salsa.

7. Nipper’s

Talk about a build-your-own Bloody Mary Bar. That’s the kind of action we like. The food is just as amazing as the drinks.

Jacksonville is a very brunch-friendly community, so there are tons of options for Sunday Funday. Now that the weather is starting to get a little warmer, we may see an increase in the average amount of brunchers. Only the true fans made it out during the cold winter months. Our only advice, don’t try the same place twice.