Tell me if you’ve ever heard the following:

“Next time there’s a swell, let’s go to the outer banks!”

For North Florida surfers, some form of that proposition is as common as a short period wind swell. Less common are those who actually follow through. If you’re like most of us, Cape Hatteras represents a lot of talk and little action. With about 10 hours of interstate highway driving separating Northeast Florida and OBX, it’s not exactly a quick strike. It’s far. It’s cold. It’s heavy. It–being on the East Coast–is also fickle. And, did I mention, it’s freakin’ far away.

But for the frothiest among us, like the multifarious board riding Justin Quintal, OBX is certainly worth it. Quinny’s incurable Boundless Frothinesis has been well-documented, here at Void. And when the swell is on, the Van’s team rider just can’t help but strike, making the long, plodding journey up I-95 and east on US-64 often during twilight hours.

The folks at Halyard Brewing Co. recently tagged along on one of Quintal’s journeys north, following him as he pulled into some hollow drainers way out on the east end of North Carolina alongside a crew of locals and fellow Floridians, including Gabe Kling and Cory Lopez (and Lopez’s brood).

Check out the new video “The Graveyard of the Atlantic” by shot and edited by local lensman Josh Hansbrough below.