The biggest picture that has ever been taken, ever, is of our closest neighbors — which might be creepy, except that it’s of our galactic neighbors, the Andromeda galaxy.


The photo, which is found below in the YouTube video, was taken by the Hubble telescope, which captured a high-definition (4K) image of the galaxy that is over 2 million light-years away. There are 100 million stars at least, in the sweeping view of the photo, all that can be zoomed in on and made clear. This is the first time astronomers have been able to view stars up close in such a large area.

The photo is 1.5 billion pixels, which amounts to 4.3 GBs of space. Take a look at the video, which zooms all the way out at the end and reveals the grand scale of the picture.

Talk about feeling like a small fish in a big pond …