Introducing The Kymera Electric Bodyboard, the perfect cure for summer flatness blues.  This is the first bodyboard with a built in engine. So leave the fins at home and freak out your friends as you cruise at break neck speeds across flat water. The fun doesn’t stop there. You can also easily catch any wave with The Kymera and put yourself in positions you never thought possible with a traditional bodyboard. Who needs a friend with a jet ski when you have a Kymera? You may not be the most popular guy at your local break but at least you will be the fastest. Just make sure you have plenty of gas in the tank in case some angry local tries to drop the hammer on your fun.

The good news is the Kymera is light enough to carry and small enough to fit in a car. Sounds like the perfect ride to take to the beach on those swell-less days.  The purpose behind this project is not only for entertainment purposes but also for safety purposes. The plan is to have rescue models allowing lifeguards to get out into the ocean much faster than if they were paddling out on a surfboard.  This could ultimately save many lives!

The bad news is the Kymera is not on the market yet. Right now it is a concept and the crew is raising money through a kickstarter project. If their goal is reached this new gadget is expected to revolutionize the world of water sports.   There are only 19 more days for the project to make the cut and it still needs $187,366 more to go. So slide on over to kickstarter and help these guys make their goal if you want to ride one of these one day.

Check out what riding this awesome electric body board looks like!

[youtube id=”adjSsMajP74″ width=”600″ height=”350″]