When thinking about what makes Jacksonville so special, one word comes to mind — “people.” Throw in a couple of monikers such as innovator, technology guru and mentor and you get a person named Kelly Dyer.

Dyer’s aspiration during the early stages of his career was to quit the corporate gig and work around the world from the power of his laptop, which he mentioned how novel of an idea that was only a decade or two ago.

He reached for his dream and is doing exactly that by running a global organization called Sourcefuse. The business helps start-ups and large companies with their technological presence in web, mobile and social software. This is accomplished through services such as design, development and marketing.

Basically, Sourcefuse is in charge of making a product’s brand look top-notch. Through a simple approach that has an attention-grabbing scheme, making it aesthetically pleasing to the consumer while being easy enough to understand and access.

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The headquarters is in Jacksonville, with eight employees here and a global team of 130, though Dyer said he would like to employ more locally.

The benefits of being in this industry allow Kelly the ability to create new products, co-build and give technical advice to his clients. Wanting to be closer to his clients happens to be one of the main reasons he decided to move to Atlantic Beach from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Sourcefuse is a fairly new concept in the business world, one that is only available thanks to the rapidly advancing technology of our modern world, which allows companies like this to communicate in the blink of an eye from across the globe.

After nearly a decade and moving from New York to North Carolina to Florida and even as far away as India, Sourcefuse has made its presence known through building relationships with clients and always adapting.

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Dyer said he decided to plant his feet in Jacksonville for his wife and three girls, and when he’s not working, he enjoys the sun, surfing on his mid-sized fun board and playing golf whenever he can squeeze in any leisure time.

One thing he noticed while living in Jacksonville is that the area needed a place where people could connect with innovation in mind to bring out collaboration. Thus, Jax Tech was born in January 2015.

Jax Tech, an extension of its sponsor Sourcefuse and Dyer’s latest entrepreneurial pursuit, hopes to be a place where people can inspire each other in the local community. With a fun and relevant mindset, Jax Tech has had keynote speakers from organizations such as the Jaguars, The Players, Jacksonville Armada FC and One Spark.

One of Dyer’s main goals is for someone to be able to solve a problem by saying, “Hey. I know someone who could help me with that,” from meeting them at Jax Tech.

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With the city being so spread out, he believes its challenges are based on everyone not being on the same page. If the governments, universities and big investors or employers could all get in sync, Kelly thinks it would only be a matter of time before Jacksonville is a major player in the information technology world.

“We need more success stories here,” Dyer said.

Dyer’s ultimate desire is to help companies grow to the point that they are sustainable and no longer need him. He would then focus on “spending more than money” by helping out non-profits and social causes with their technology needs.

These organizations would benefit from a start-up they may not have been able to afford, and in return, he would feel like he’s contributing real value and can feel really good about the outcome.