Kaleb Kirshenbaum (or KK) released a new edit this week after a long road to recovery. What happened? Well, we asked him a few questions on the fly to answer your questions:

Can you give us a quick recap of your injury? What happened?

KK: I was surfing at Jax Pier on a bigger windy day, and did an air on the inside where it was really shallow. When I was in the air, the wind caught my board, and drove it into the sandbar as I was coming down. I landed on top of my board and basically impaled myself.

Do you look at surfing any differently since your injury?

KK: Yes. I’m just having more fun and enjoying being in the water more.

How long were you out of the water?

KK: I was out of the water for five months and basically had to relearn how to paddle, pop up and surf.

How does it feel?

KK: It feels amazing to be back in the water.

Tell me what this new edit means to you.

KK: Showing people that I’m still here and I’m coming back and not going to give up.

Watch the video below:

“In September 2015, 12 year old Kaleb Kirshenbaum suffered a life threatening blunt trauma injury performing an aerial maneuver while Surfing. He spent almost 2 months in the hospital, had to undergo 2 operations, went 5 weeks with out food or water and lost half his pancreas along with other internal damage. After a long extensive year of recovery this is his comeback, as Kaleb now 13 shows he is UNBROKEN.”