We’re certainly a different breed of surfer here in the Sunshine State. While SoCal groms spend their youth cruising on electric bicycles on their way to getting hollered into world class waves by overbearing surf dads, Northeast Florida surfers learn early on to fill their many laydays with myriad non-surfing, yet still-waterborne activities.

The program of World Champion longboarder Justin Quintal certainly typifies what is a very Northeast Florida-centric surf lifestyle.

Comfortable riding all manner of surf vehicles in all manner of conditions–poor to fair to good, etc.–Quintal also knows how to score on flat days. Though he’s more widely known for his incessant tube hunting, Quintal’s had a decades-long love affair with chasing down and reeling in fish. And a new film directed by our good bud Carl Rosen for renowned fishing tackle company PENN not only traces the roots of Quintal’s dual and often overlapping aqueous passions, it also introduces us to his very fun, very fitting sobriquet: Trashgator.

From PENN:

Justin Quintal is many things. World longboarding champion. Surfboard designer. Storm chaser. Red drum slayer. But first and foremost, Quintal is the Trashgator. Born and raised on the Florida coast, Quintal’s proud of his East Coast roots. It’s where he learned to read swells, ride waves, and fish the tides. 

Click play below to see why Quintal is the real-deal, and the kind of #FloridaMan that should define our region.