Florida’s “Style Master,” Justin Quintal, proves once again that Florida surfers dominate at surfing in all conditions. For the second year in a row, Quintal won the Vans Duct Tape Invitational at Huntington Beach, California.

The Duct Tape Invitational is unlike all other surf contests, providing an exciting twist in surfing culture and competitions. The contest is comprised of 16 invitees competing on traditional logs, single fin, with no leash plugs, a minimum length of 9’2” and minimum weight of 12 pounds.  There is no interference, and surfers are encouraged to ride the same wave and see what they can make of it together.


Raised in Jacksonville Beach, Quintal is used to surfing in less than great conditions. Florida surfers quickly learn that patience is key, due to our lack of waves. Quintal proved this during his first heat when he found himself in last place with only a few minutes until the buzzer signaled the end.  A sneaker set popped up along the horizon, and Quintal claimed a magic wave — scoring an 8.6 by hanging ten and continuing a graceful ride through the pier, continuing the wave to the south side.

Quintal went on to win his semifinal heat with ease. He concluded the heat with a solid 15.93 score.

A new generation of loggers took on “Surf City” in the finals. Quintal competed against Southern California’s finest loggers, including Ryan Burch, Tyler Warren and Chad Marshall. Nose-riding, cutbacks, and all other maneuvers are scored, but it is style that is the backbone of what the Duct Tape really brings to surfing. Quintal dominated the final with immense style, scoring an 8.0 and 9.0 for his top two waves.  He won by a long shot, with Chad Marshall 5.7 points behind him in second place.

Quintal showed why he is not only a local legend, but also the “Longboard King” of the world.  The 904 is stoked for you, and proud to call you one of our own!Duct_Tape_Finalist_CLallande_lo_v2_750_500_80

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