If you’ve lived in Northeast Florida for long enough, May’s rising temperatures likely inspire a few sensory sensations–the tropical, coconut-y scent of sunscreen, the skanking guitars of reggae covers as performed by quartets of UNF undergrads, and–if you’re a surfer–the itch for a surf trip.

Yes, summertime is when many a North Florida surfer take their yearly pilgrimage to Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, et. al. And if you’re somebody who has been participating in this annual migration, you know it’s become prohibitively expensive to bring your shred stick along for the ride, with some airlines charging as much as $150 per surfboard!

But the tide is turning on extraneous board bag fees. Earlier this year, United Airlines announced that boards would fly free heretofore, as long as their own was departing from or embarking to California. Not bad!

And yesterday, it was announced that American Airlines would begin charging the normal checked bag rate ($30) for all oversize baggage, including musical instruments and… yes… surfboards. Let’s rejoice, shall we? Let’s all book a ticket to Costa via American Airlines. Bring your cello!