Lately, we’ve been talking a lot about beer. We’ve also been writing a lot about beer … and we suspect you’ve been reading a lot about beer. It’s all been a lot to take in, so we’ve been drinking a lot of beer — in moderation, of course.

Within the Intuition Ale-and-Bold City Brew-fueled tornado, we came across something as bountiful as it is extraordinary — a 99-pack of Austin Beerworks‘ “Anytime Ale,” for $99. That’s nearly 100 beers at $1 per beer, and we’re not talking about quality comparable to your frat brother’s “Natty Light.” We’re talking about a bold and clean brew, drinkable at almost any moment, crafted by a unique and open-minded brewery in the bustling city of Austin, TX.

We’re roughly 99 percent sure you need to know about this.


To our dismay, these packs will be distributed exclusively within Austin, and for a limited amount of time. Regardless, these guys deserve a medal, or a beer. Someone get these guys a beer. And us, too. Just grab a 99-pack and we’ll split it.