Whetherman – This Land

Nicholas Williams, who performs under the name of Whetherman, is set to release his eighth record, This Land, on June 16. If you’re unfamiliar with his music, it’s something akin to a mixture of Ray Lamontagne and (early) Bob Dylan, but, of course, with Williams’ own unique spin. This Land celebrates the message spread by legendary folk singers Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger, covering a wide range of musical influences from folk to blues, soul, country and bluegrass. Williams said that traveling and visiting new places inspired parts of this music, including his admiration for nature. You can find the new Whetherman album on Spotify, his Bandcamp page and on the iTunes store.

Fever Hands – Grief Police

After releasing a small sampling of tunes back in Feb., Fever Hands put out this gem in late April. The record, titled Grief Police, is a similar return to their fast-paced and raw style, which is a sound of rock I find highly addictive. The album takes some trippy turns here and there throughout the six tracks, but I found all of them to be enjoyable. “Now Yer Feelin’ (Yerself)” is perhaps my favorite track on Grief Police, with a great mashup of vocals from frontman James Arthur Bayer III and bassist Lauren Ham. You can find the album on the group’s Bandcamp page and pick it up for a mere $5 (digital or physical CD).

Clas$ick – But Yall Think Im Playing

Also released in late April, Nathan McCollum, better known as Clas$ick, dropped his album But Yall Think Im Playing on April 27. Clas$ick is no new player to the rap game though, as he’s been spitting since the early age of 12. After moving to Jax several years ago, he essentially taught himself how to produce every ounce of his craft, learning the ins and outs of audio production and engineering, and even attending the Art Institute for graphic design to create his own album artwork. The new record consists of seven solid tracks, including his single “Scottie Pippen,” which has almost 30,000 views on YouTube. Check out his new music via Bandcamp or Soundcloud.