Editor’s Note: That’s right ya’ll! It’s everyone’s favorite holiday! July 4th is the time of year where cars on the road are overtaken by bikes, where awesome skimpy bikinis and butt cheeks are practically everywhere, and when the beer is flowing like water. We love you here at the Void office, so here are some tips from the crew that can make or break you this wonderful Independence Day.

Eddie says:


Do: Eat breakfast
Don’t: Think you’re the only one who is going to dress up like an American champion


Devin says:


Do: Wear your favorite tiny bikini and sing Icona Pop’s “I don’t care” on repeat.
Don’t: Forget to drink water.


Tye says:

Do: If the suns out, DO bust your buns and your guns out (biceps…not actual firearms).
Don’t: DON’T Drive if you’ve been drinking!!!!


Mallory says:


Do: Wear some sort of denim.
Don’t: Eat any food that is not American. It’s not China, Italy, German, or Mexico day. IT’S AMERICA DAY!@#!@#


Mikey says:


Do: Take a moment and yell at the top of your lungs America into a crowd.
Don’t: Trash the beach…kooks


Amber says:


Do: Have a pet bald eagle.
Don’t: Burn down the house cooking.


Aaron says:


Do: Wear red, white and blue.
Don’t: Try to light a bottle rocket from your butt. Don’t do this..seriously.


Blythe says:


Do: Buy Hank Williams Jr. cd and play it all day.
Don’t: Blow up your hand with fireworks.


Brit says:


Do: Bring sunscreen!
Don’t: Get a DUI


Kingsley says:


Do: Light as many fireworks as possible…no matter what your neighbors say. MURRICA!


Jeff says:


Do: Smoke alcohol
Don’t: Smoke alcohol


Logan says:


Do: Buy a bike lock
Don’t: Don’t throw m80’s at bicycles


Anthony says:


Do: Show your American pride with red, white, and blue outfits.
Don’t: Come to your friend’s BBQ wearing only the American Flag. Only showing up naked with body paint will impress people.


Jay says:


Do:  Celebrate living in the Best Country in the World. And appreciate all soldiers past & present.
Don’t: Drive a vehicle at all…


Bridget says:


Do: Bring a koozie.
Don’t:  Don’t forget your bike lock…unless you want to walk the rest of the day.

You’re welcome..!