Bigfoot Barefoot – Bigfoot Barefoot

Chances are, you might’ve heard this local group on a Spotify playlist recently. Their cover of Sublime’s “Badfish” has helped jump the band to over 6,000 monthly followers on Spotify, but covers aren’t the only thing they’re good at. The reggae rockers recently released their debut, self-titled album that draws on a range of influences and styles, from reggae to surf rock and even Southern rock — something they’ve dubbed “Trader Joe’s Rock.” You can catch the group performing around town or download their album via their website. You can also find it on Spotify.

Culture School – Liquid Crystal

This is one local artist I recently stumbled across and felt the need to share. Though I had never heard the name before, the entrancing beats and synths on Liquid Crystal had me vibing in no time. Released in May, this album is not Culture School’s first work, as he has several other albums on his discography page ranging from original tunes to remixes of all sorts. If you’re into chillwave or ambient electronic music like Boards of Canada or even Tycho, I suggest you give this guy a listen. His music makes an excellent background to help you focus, relax or go along with whatever it is you’re doing. Find his music on his Bandcamp page to hear more.

AP Coley – Spark

Jacksonville-based rapper AP Coley recently released this album a couple months ago. Spark is his first release, but it shows strong promise. The production on the album is tight and Coley’s lyrics shine through with his unique and enthralling flow that ranges from a few singing bits to rapping. The album takes a shot at understanding what’s currently going on in our society, speaking on topics like money and the value of human life. The 25-year-old may just be getting into the local rap game, but if this first release says anything, it’s that he shows great promise. Find his music on Bandcamp.