As if the end of The Colbert Report wasn’t enough … now comes this.

After 16 years, Jon Stewart has announced he will be leaving The Daily Show. Here is him addressing his departure on Tuesday night’s show. Sorry for the s*** quality.

There is no confirmed time when he is actually leaving (just sometime late this year), but it will end one of the best runs for a late night talk show host. Stewart, who graced us with some of the best political and media satire ever, leaves a large whole in the show, which will continue its run with an unknown replacement. Ratings for the show increased a giant 400 percent since he took over in 1999. The Daily Show was nominated for 50 Emmys and won 15 of them during that time span.

Comedy Central thanked them on their twitter, which you can see below.

Without a doubt, someone is going to have some seriously large shoes to fill.