Nothing like a weekend filled with Hurricane Swell! It appears that Joaquin will pose no apparent “hurricane” threat to our coast, but our friends to the north have not been so lucky. The low pressure system that has draped across the southeast in the precursors of Joaquin’s approach has grown into a monster soaker for the Carolina region with record floods and downpours. Loads of tropical moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea have been feeding this system, and at the same time, it has been keeping Joaquin at bay from encroaching Florida’s coast as it steers this Category 4 on a course for Bermuda. But, we’ll reap all of the benefits of swell this weekend and throughout next week!


Hurricane Joaquin shoved away from the Bahamas on Saturday surging back to a Category 4 storm. Now, he is slowly meandering on a track towards Bermuda. Joaquin is the strongest storm since Igor in 2010, and even though it is moving towards colder waters and wind shear, he will likely still carry a Category 3 punch as he passes our island neighbors in the Atlantic. Now, as Joaquin embarks into his second journey on his path, the only certain we know is there is no direct impact to the First Coast, and the waves are going to be good.


We can expect waist- to chest-high ground swell with head-high-plus sets through the next few days at the right place and time! Because of Joaquin tailing in our swell window into the ocean, we will see long intervals of swells in the 10 to 12 second ranges. It hasn’t been the perfect storm, but it has been the perfect dosage of some long awaited true swell that we’ve needed all summer with a breath of fall in the air. Get out there and shred it up, and with the Jags away for the weekend, you could even get out to have a second session after the game on Sunday! Don’t forget to stop by and support your local surf shops, and now is the perfect time to buy that new topper, spring or short-john for the fall season.

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James Walker


SURF: 2-4ft+
WIND: W wind 5-10 in AM increasing to 10-15 in PM


SURF: **2-4ft+**
WIND: W winds 10-15 in AM decreasing to 5-10 in PM


SURF: **2-4ft+**
WIND: W wind 5-10 in AM turning NW to N 10+ in PM


SURF: *2-4ft*
WIND: N to NW winds 10-15 all day


SURF: *2-4ft*
WIND: NW winds 5-10 in AM turning NE 10-15 in PM