Jacksonville children will be able to express themselves freely, with no judgment or limitation, due to the vision of local Jacksonville artist, Nicole Holderbaum.

Holderbaum’s immense passion to instill creativity and confidence in Jacksonville’s youth has created an instrumental movement in the local community. On Saturday, April 2, 2016, Holderbaum will debut her project, “Jax Kid’s Mural Festival,” at Hemming Park.

Children, teens and families of the community will all work together to paint murals, themed to unite and activate the mind, body and soul. The three mural walls, standing 8-feet-tall and stretching 20-feet-wide, will depict a giant coloring book, outlined by muralists from all over the country.


Essentially, the festival will unite different creative mediums with the community. Holderbaum envisions businesses and organizations working with the youth, while also networking their creative expertise. The streets of Hemming Park will be lined with live music, yoga classes, tye-dying and endless creative energy. Instaramp will be providing skate lessons and a skate demo featuring professional skateboarders.

Some consider art to be a fundamental biological need — a need that defines our existence. Holderbaum believes creativity leads to confidence in students. This confidence leads to a stronger sense of self and becomes the building blocks for a successful future.

“Individuals with confidence will grow to be unique, forward-thinking and intelligent people that have much more to contribute to the community,” Holderbaum stated.


The project came to life, with the help of the SPARK Grant awarded to Holderbaum by The Cultural Council. The SPARK Grant is rewarded to projects, like “Jax Kid’s Mural Festival,” that creatively stimulate the community in a positive direction. “Jax Kid’s Mural Festival” will continue to be a quarterly gathering, with each event held in a different location within the SPARK District of Downtown Jacksonville.

Holderbaum acknowledges the difficulty for lower income families to travel to events. Her ultimate goal is to complete the outreach program, which brings the art to the kids, by painting murals at local Jacksonville schools. With the help of donations, the walls of lower-income Jacksonville schools will soon be adorned with brightly colored murals.

“The outreach program will visually stimulate students and make them more excited to learn, ultimately making the school experience better,” Holderbaum explained. “I hope to one day bring the mural project to every school in Jacksonville.”

mural3Funds for the outreach program will come from sponsorships and donations during the quarterly mural festivals. Each wall at the “Jax Kid’s Mural Festival” is available for sponsorship and helps advance Holderbaum to reaching her goal. It takes $300 to bring the outreach program to one school.

Holderbaum continues to be a visionary for Jacksonville’s innovative growth due to her love for the community.

“I want to do something good while I’m alive. I use art to make things better for everyone else,” Holderbaum explained. “I want to inspire others to do the same and live happier lives.”