Having a skate park located in the heart of Jacksonville Beach has always been a dream for local skaters, but past efforts have always fallen short or been scrapped far before any progress actually began. Well folks, that’s all about to change.

Thanks to Tony Hall of Jax Beach Surf Shop, Marty Ramos of Kona Skatepark and the guys over at Team Pain Skateparks, not to mention months of hard work and dedication by our local skateboarding community, Jacksonville Beach will finally be getting its first skatepark.

What does this mean to the people behind this historic project? Tony Hall said, “This Skate park will finally make Jax Beach complete for all of us who grew up loving it and still skating — especially for all our children and the children for generations to come.”

The park is planned to call the area near South Beach Park its new home, with the retention pond there to be drained and filled in to make room for the new skate spot.

With all the hype surrounding the park, what can potential visitors expect? Here’s a quick breakdown of some expected features:

  • Several forms of skateboarding styles including street, flow and transition, with beginner, intermediate and advanced sections
  • Two different areas, including a 14,000-square-foot transition flow park, bowls and other street-inspired elements

Now that you’re probably itching to grab a board, rush to the park and test these new features out, you’re probably wondering how long it’ll take for this thing to actually get built. The answer might surprise you.

“We are nearing the final stage before construction starts sometime in November, with a with a completion date of March,” Hall said. “This is dependent on weather, of course, and rain events through this winter … as you can’t pour concrete in the rain.”

While that doesn’t seem too far off, skaters in Jacksonville can’t wait to have a great spot to call their home. This area is rife with skate culture, and this new skate park will be the answer to a long overdue problem.

So, how will this all be paid for? The park is being fully funded with taxes that are directed specifically toward parks and recreation, so don’t forget to thank your local city council and the people who showed up at the meetings to advocate for the park.

Specifically, Hall wanted to highlight the following people for making all of this possible, “Mayor Charlie Latham, the entire Jax Beach City Council, Director of parks and rec Gary Meadors, City Manager George Forbes, Buck Smith, Brent Hamrick, Tim Mcintyre, Lang Sheppard, Hunter Aldridge and the whole Fletcher student body, and so many more.”

Now that you’re thoroughly excited for Jacksonville Beach’s first skatepark, find out how you can help the process!