Bound 2

Yes. Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes. It seems as if this is a scene straight out of This Is the End, and the results are disturbingly hilarious. James Franco and Seth Rogan have remade Kanye West’s video for his song titiled “Bound 2”, and let’s just say, it takes the term BFF to a whole new level. The video stars Franco as Kanye West and Rogan as none other than Mrs. Kim Kardasian in a “re-imagining” of Kanye’s new video for Bound 2. I can imagine Franco and Rogan sitting on their couch a la Pineapple Express on a lovely Saturday afternoon, enjoying their daily ______ as they watched their 108″ TV when the video came on. Then suddenly, a lightbulb and a moment of pure comedic genius was born. So here they are, Seth Rogan and James Franco in all there glory, doing what they do best…making you cry laughing.

View Kanye’s original video for “Bound 2” here, and the remade (much more hilarious) version below.