Coming off 90 points over the last two games, the Jaguars will look to show the home crowd just how good they can play one last time. A lot of momentum was gained with the 51-point outing last week, and the opponent they face is in the complete opposite boat.

The Atlanta Falcons started 5 and 0, but have since gone 1 and 7, including loosing their last six games. Their QB Matt Ryan is struggling, and if the Jags can replicate any of the offense they’ve had over the last two weeks, it should be a win.

T.J. hasn’t been ruled out yet, but probably won’t play with a sprained knee. The rest of the offense is healthy, minus Brian Walters, who could return after missing last week. The Falcons have a poor pass rush and a pretty bad run defense, so Bortles might not be under too much pressure … but you never know how this team and line will play. The question remains, which team will the Jags be this week? It’s another winnable game against a falling team, but they’ve lost a couple of these already this season.

Denard Robinson looked the best he’s been all season last week in relief for the injured Yeldon. He should have no problem stepping in and keeping the running game going strong. Thomas continues to find his groove with Bortles. He will look to catch a TD in his fifth-straight game. The Falcons best defender might be Marcus Trufant, a cornerback. If he shadows Robinson, similar to what Vonte Davis of the Colts did last week, the other receivers will be in line for increased targets. It would be a nice week to get Marquise Lee going.

The offense is where the Falcons have been a real mess over the last eight weeks. Matt Ryan continues to throw game-changing picks and the running game that started off on fire with rookie Devonte Freeman, is stalling. If the Jaguars can stop Julio Jones, who will likely be guarded by Devon House, the Falcons could struggle to move the ball. Roddy White isn’t the WR he used to be for them, and they don’t have very good tight ends in the passing game. Also, Posluszney looks to play with a broken hand this week after missing last week’s game. Jordan Tripp did well in his spot, but his return should stifle Devonte Freeman even more.

Quietly, the Jaguars have led the AFC in points since week five. The last two weeks were a big part of it, but they face a team on a total spiral.

Prediction: Jags 31 | Falcons 23