The Jaguars are favorites by their biggest margin since 2010. That’s because the San Diego Chargers come in to EverBank at 2 and 8, during a disastrous year for the usually, constantly good franchise. The Jags, winners of two straight and three out of four, probably aren’t yet ready to beat a team by a few scores, but they have pulled out two close games in a row.

The Chargers could be the most injured team in football. Both of their lines are decimated, their best offensive playmaker, Keenan Allen, is on IR and their first round pick, RB Melvin Gordon, is having a disappointing year.

What’s this all mean for the Jags? Phillip Rivers is still having a giant season, and he probably won’t slow down this much Sunday. Although he is coming off his worst game of the season. Antonio Gates will be there, and while they shut him down in the matchup last year, and he’s also coming off a poor week, tight ends still maul this defense.

Offensive will likely be the same story it is every week. Ball movement between the 20s is the easy part. They might have a chance to put the game away if they can convert those drives into touchdowns. San Diego’s secondary is beat up, with only one decent corner left. If Hurns is healthier, watch for a nice day by him — the same goes for Yeldon, as each played with injuries last Thursday.

Once again, this is a game Jacksonville should win and needs too. Just one game out of the division and wildcard, they need to take advantage of this easy schedule. But … it likely won’t be easy, just like every other week.

Prediction: Jags 23 | Chargers 17