“Endless Possibilities” This is the new slogan for the “new” Jaguars and for Everbank Field’s new renovations. Pictured above, and below, are an artist’s renderings of the new concepts for Everbank, which include a giant tent-like dome for the stadium, and though this is simply a concept at this point, these updates to the stadium are stirring quite a buzz around town.

These new renderings come from Super Bowl Sunday’s luncheon with Jaguars owner Shad Khan and President Mark Lamping. The pair revealed potential plans for EverBank Field, including more in-depth images of the giant new scoreboard that is part of the $63 million renovations, a possible dome, and even a swimming pool…which I’ve been told is now confirmed along with the video board.

Last summer, the city issued $57,512,349 worth of building permits for foundation and piling work to prepare for the huge new video boards at EverBank Field. So where is all this money coming from? The Jacksonville City Council approved the project with $43 million coming from the city’s hotel bed taxes, and $20 million from Khan himself. The team said that the scoreboard should be done in time for the 2014 season, but the swimming pool is still just a possibility.

In the mean time, we can come up with a few reasons as to why Jaguars’ fans need a swimming pool in Everbank Field. For one, swimming pools are nice to look at, and the potential of babes in bikinis is a nice secondary option for those who can’t see the cheerleaders on the field. Let’s just hope adding swimming pools to the stadium will work out better than it did for the Marlins, who added pools to their park last season but also saw record-low attendance.