His name is Joplo Bartu.  From Texas to Georgia to Florida, we have a warrior on the Jaguars’ roster.

Wise words were once said from Drake, “Oh we talking teams? Oh we talking teams?” And I’ll proceed with, “We have a really nice team, with the addition of Bartu, y’all gon’ see.”

The Jaguars are on the rise. Defensively, they have the potential to dominate this 2016 season. With the best draft class in years for the franchise, the likelihood of a playoff appearance is destined.

Bartu, began his career in 2013, as an undrafted free agent from Texas State University for the Atlanta Falcons. During his rookie season, he made his mark in the league while starting after injuries of Sean Weatherspoon and Kory Biermann. Since then, Bartu has shown his worth.

Now, from what I know, this guy is a beast! I’ve witnessed Bartu front and center. He’s always ready — a crackle defender! And with a poised demeanor, he executes well.

Indeed, one of my favorite linebackers in the game, so without further discussion, I’m ready to see the former Bobcat, “eat ’em up” this season, but as a bigger cat — Let’s go Jaguars!

By: India Santana | Twitter: @_IndiaSantana