Call it luck or capitalizing on the Raven’s mistake, but the Jaguars pulled out one of their more unlikely wins in franchise history. The game came down to a final drive. Down 20 to 19, Bortles hit Julius Thomas for an 11-yard pass to the 49, but there was only eight seconds left when he was tackled and they were out of time outs. It looked to be over. Then this happened.

Raven’s LB Elvis Dummervil commits a personal foul by grabbing Bortle’s facemask. It wasn’t even really necessary for him to tackle Bortles because many players on both sides didn’t think the snap got off. The NFL even came out Monday and said not all the Jaguars were set and the game should have been ended. Even with all of that and one of the worst mistakes a player will make all year, Jason Meyers still had to make a 53-yard field goal. He had missed a 26-yarder earlier so badly that it almost went into the stands. That was the shortest miss in the NFL during the 2015 season.

Meyers made it and the Jaguars improved to a 3 and 6 record. It was gifted to them in a sense, but refs miss calls all the time. It’s finally about time they were on the other side of stealing a win.