With the opponents released for the 2015 lineup, the Jags have the eighth easiest schedule, with their opponents having a combined .463 winning percentage last season. This does not mean much, like seasons before, teams change drastically during the offseason and they could still end up with a tough set of teams.

As free agency begins in just about a month, the Jags will have some players to either resign or let go before it happens. The consensus seems that WR Cecil Shorts won’t be brought back, but at the right price, I can see them resigning him. Football Outsiders has ranked him last in DYAR for all qualified WRs. The team has indicated they would like to bring back former first-round pick Tyson Alualu, who has done good work as a role player on the d-line. Other notables are J.T. Thomas, Alan Ball and Geno Hayes on the defense. It wouldn’t be surprising to see them come back or let go.

Times Union writer, Vito Stellino, thinks Seahawks corner, Byron Maxwell, will be a target if he does not stay in Seattle. It may be too early to identify who else they may go after, presumably a free safety and tight end, though they may address these through the draft.