This Sunday at EverBank, the Jaguars will be bringing in the freshest beer ever for fans. Bud Light will be made during the morning and then taken to the stadium later that day.

Here is the article from the Jags’ website. Shad Khan apparently went to the local brewery and asked them if they were “up for whatever.” Not only that, but the senior brewmaster is going to jump off the lights with Jaxon de Ville to personally deliver the first beer to the fans.

“When Mr. Khan challenged us to bring the freshest beer we can for Jags fans, we were stunned, but willingly accepted,” said the brewmaster. “Our brewers work every day to brew the best beer possible for Jacksonville and beyond. This weekend, we’ll toast to day-fresh beer and a Jaguars victory.”

Budweiser, and mainly Bud Light, are the NFL’s primary sponsor, and this just goes to show the lengths that Khan routinely takes to make it the best fan experience that he can.