For the second year in a row, the Jacksonville Jaguars’ first round draft pick has suffered a knee injury. Former Florida State Seminole, Jalen Ramsey has a slightly torn meniscus in his right knee … and the Jags have a new curse.

This is nothing new to Jaguar fans, as last year’s pick, Dante Fowler Jr, tore his ACL on the first day of practice. On a lighter note, we made it all the way to Phase 2 of on-field workouts this time!

The Jaguars released this statement on their website on the condition of Ramsey:

“Jalen Ramsey sustained a small tear to the meniscus in his right knee during phase two on-field workouts. Ramsey is obtaining a second opinion next week. More information will be available when Head Team Physician Dr. Kevin Kaplan and the Jaguars athletic training staff determined the appropriate medical care.”

The good news for Jags fans is that in the past, torn meniscuses have proven to be a relatively short recovery compared to other knee injuries, and he should be back to play sometime this season. With a little under three months until the first pre-season game, it is hopeful that Ramsey will be back to play at some point in the upcoming season … we hope.