Despite a rough first pre-season Jags game, it seemed Jacksonville still managed to have a good time! Void Magazine release party + first Jags pre-season game galleries posted!

Void Lens: A North Florida community photography project. Be on the lookout for Brit (pictured here). Brit will be taking your picture & giving you a FREE slice from @mellowjax

IMG_8325 IMG_8327 IMG_8330 IMG_8343  IMG_8345 IMG_8347 IMG_8348 IMG_8349 IMG_8350 IMG_8351 IMG_8352 IMG_8354 IMG_8355 IMG_8356 IMG_8357 IMG_8358 IMG_8359 IMG_8360 IMG_8361 IMG_8362 IMG_8363 IMG_8364 IMG_8369 IMG_8371 IMG_8372 IMG_8373 IMG_8374 IMG_8375 IMG_8376 IMG_8377 IMG_8378 IMG_8379 IMG_8381 IMG_8382 IMG_8383 IMG_8384 IMG_8385 IMG_8390 IMG_8394 IMG_8396 IMG_8398 IMG_8401 IMG_8402 IMG_8406 IMG_8407 IMG_8408 IMG_8409 IMG_8410 IMG_8411 IMG_8413   IMG_8423 IMG_8431 IMG_8432 IMG_8433 IMG_8435 IMG_8436 IMG_8446 IMG_8447 IMG_8459 IMG_8474 IMG_8476 IMG_8477 IMG_8478 IMG_8479 IMG_8480 IMG_8481 IMG_8482 IMG_8484 IMG_8488 IMG_8489 IMG_8490 IMG_8491 IMG_8492 IMG_8493 IMG_8494 IMG_8495 IMG_8496 IMG_8497 IMG_8504 IMG_8505 IMG_8507 IMG_8509 IMG_8511 IMG_8512 IMG_8513  IMG_8519 IMG_8521 IMG_8522 IMG_8523 IMG_8524 IMG_8525 IMG_8529 IMG_8531 IMG_8532 IMG_8543 IMG_8546 IMG_8551 IMG_8554 IMG_8555 IMG_8556   IMG_8564 IMG_8565 IMG_8567 IMG_8568