Recently, a few people from the Void family indulged in what we thought of as, “quite a treat.” The Espeto Brazilian steakhouse, here in Jax Beach, invited us to a food experience none of us had had before.

The Brazilian-inspired restaurant, specializing in what they call their “sizzling meat skewers,” is no place to come to on a full stomach. You better be ready to eat! As an all-you-can-eat-style restaurant, Espeto prides itself in providing quality food and having their customers leaving satisfied. It’s a well-oiled machine over there and they have a specific process in how they achieve their goal of their customers leaving full. This is how they do it.

Espeto 1

First you grab a plate and visit the gourmet sides and salad bar. Here you can find sides like mashed potatoes and gravy, lobster bisque and, of course, the huge salad bar, among other choices. The trick is to limit yourself on starters though … Trust us.

After stocking up on sides and a salad, you control the flow of meats to your plate with a “green-red card” that is provided at each plate. Placing the green side up signals the “gaucho” carvers to offer continuous skewers of fire roasted beef, pork, lamb, chicken and sausage.  The “gauchos” are the ones who go around slicing the meet up for you. “Gaucho,” is Brazilian for the working class citizen who shows talent and pride in what they do. There are 15 types of meat in rotation at all times and the “gauchos” are on a mission to get you a little bit of everything. I mean that literally too, the “Gauchos” will slice you one or two pieces tops because the goal is to save enough room for everything.

Espeto 2

When you are ready to slow down or are completely done eating, you just flip the card to the red side and the “gauchos” will stop serving you. As long as you are hungry though and that card is green-side-up, you’ll be getting more and more of the delicious meats.

The savory meats are their specialty. They are cooked to perfection on a slow cooking rotisserie and both seasoned and marinated from the best Brazilian delicacies. By the time we were done eating, you basically had to roll us out the door.

Espeto is located at 1396 Beach Boulevard by the beach and is one of Jacksonville Beach’s premier cultural dining experience. In all, it was a cool atmosphere with great food and vibes for friends and families alike. For more information like their hours and menu options, check out or stop by, say hi to the friendly staff and check it out. Bon Appétit!