Yep. In another weird turn of events for the actor’s career (and the former frontman of Limp Bizkit), it was recently announced that Durst has begun the initial steps to bring his film to life.

The movie, titled “Moose,” portrays the story of an avid movie lover (played by Travolta) who becomes a crazy stalker. Apparently, the whole concept for this movie is based off real-life events Durst encountered years ago with a stalker of his own.

“Moose” will be written by Durst and fellow actor/writer Dave Bekerman. According to information online, the story will revolve around Travolta’s character who is obsessed with an action hero. As the plot develops, his obsession becomes dangerous and he soon attempts to destroy the actor’s life.

Interestingly enough, if you haven’t kept up with Durst, this is actually his third foray into the film industry after releasing “The Education of Charlie Banks” and “The Longshots.” I imagine working with Durst would be quite a challenge, after all, it’s his way or the highway.

Despite his ties to the Jacksonville area, the film’s shooting will actually take place in Alabama, with funding and support coming from AMBI Media Group.

“There certainly is no shortage of amazing Fred Durst stories to tell, but this one in particular is unequivocally cinematic in how it plays out,” AMBI said in a statement online. “John’s range as an actor will once again be shown off as he steps into a character that Fred is all too familiar with – making this pairing so exciting.”

Will this movie be any good? Your guess is as good as mine, but I think they’re seriously missing out on an opportunity to bring the flick’s shooting location to Duval, especially with the director’s origins in our area.

One thing is for sure, when I woke up today, seeing Limp Bizkit/Fred Durst in a headline is the last thing I expected … keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ I suppose.