In the NFL draft everyone was surprised by the the Jaguars first round pick Blake Bortles. It was originally rumored that quarterback Johnny Manziel, linebacker Khalil Mack and receiver Sammy Watkins were in the running for the third overall pick, but the Jaguars had another card they wanted to play.

Bortles who was the quarterback for the University of Central Florida is an astounding player on the field, with six second-half comebacks he knows how to take control and turn a game around. When coach Gus Bradley and General manager David Caldwell saw Bortles play he moved up to the NO. 1 pick they had to have come and play in Jacksonville.


As the American Athletic Conference (AAC) Offensive Player of the Year in 2013 as well as throwing 3,581 yards and having 25 touchdowns on his record, we are all eager to see his talent on the field as he plays for the Jaguars. As a third round pick Bortles will not be starting due to the coaches wanting to ease him into the game.

“It’s such an important position in this league and you want to do it right,” Caldwell said. “That’s what we’re about. … We have to make it work. We can’t just throw him out there. We’ve seen what happens when that happens.”

The Jaguars want to give Bortles a chance to strengthen his arm as well as get used to the pace of the game in the NFL, so Chad Henne will be the starter in the upcoming 2014 season.