So, you probably remember that we did a little write-up on Jacksonville Beach’s soon-to-be-built skate park, but what’s the latest update on the progress you ask? Well, here you go …

In a recent meeting for the skate park, there was a lot of positive feedback from the skaters and community in Jacksonville Beach, with the park being 100 percent approved and slated to begin construction around June.

According to Tony Hall, owner of Jax Beach Surf Shop and one of the people behind bringing the park here, the process is just beginning. “The park its self has started with the dirt work and concrete will start being poured in June. I am estimating a Nov. 2016 opening.”

Skate park

The area is currently being prepped for construction of the park.

He also added that there would be a few updates to the initial design, with some minor tweaks, “… it will only be one huge skate park instead of two. There will be an advanced bowl with 8-foot-plus transitions. We should be very excited with the final design because it could be the best public skate park in the state of Florida. The park will also have the Jax Beach color wave, which is yellow, orange and green.”

So far, the general contractor has started work on the site and once they are finished Team Pain will start construction on the park. Stay tuned for more updates in the future, and browse the new renderings of what the park will look like below.

JAX-BEACH-F18-resized JAX-BEACH-F16-resized JAX-BEACH-F22-resized JAX-BEACH-F27-resized JAX-BEACH-F13-resized JAX-BEACH-F12-resized