Jacksonville is fortunate enough to have talented musicians that play while we enjoy a drink or two at our favorite local restaurant or bar.

Not only are they vocally talented, but these gifted musicians embrace our city, channeling positive vibes through their energetic performances.

Charlie Walker has been a musician in Jacksonville Beach for eight years now. Walker is passionate about love, faith, and people. His music is a true reflection of what he believes in and you can’t help but smile and feel happiness at the sound of his voice.

Walkers recent album release, Fortunetellers was a huge stepping stone in his career.

“I love the artist I was blessed enough to work with and it has help connect me to new artists who have since inspired me. I plan to put together a summer tour to help promote the album, and I have already been working on tracks for the next album. So, stay tuned.”

What is really captivating about Walker is that his personality shines through his music.  His lyrics connect these elements of life that he so much appreciates. He even has one tattooed on his arm, “love.”

“Music is a language everyone understands. I want to spread the message of love and give hope to people everywhere.”

Walker has a special connection with his fans and the audience watching him. His happiness is released through the happiness of others.

“I enjoy playing my originals to any audience who I can feel being moved by the words. To see people living freely and enjoying something you created is priceless.”

You can listen one of his original tracks here.