The Famous Toastery restaurant franchise is making its way to Jax. Beach soon.

Originally starting in a small house located in Huntersville, North Carolina in 2005, the company soon grew to five locations, including one in South Carolina. What sets this breakfast spot apart from others is their variety of fresh, homemade dishes, the fact that they don’t use freezers or fryers, and pledge to have “impeccable” customer service. Currently, the owners are choosing between three separate locations, but have not yet reached a decision.

“Jacksonville has a vibrant beaches town, which includes some great breakfast spots, but we feel it’s not a crowded market,” one of the founders”, Robert Maynard said, “We offer another take on the brunch concept, and there’s a lot of upside in Jacksonville.”

Until we find out when and where the Toastery will open, I guess we’ll have to stick to morning cartoons and cereal on the couch … that’s still a thing right?