A night watching Jack Johnson is one to remember. Even if you’re not into his smooth vocals and amazing ability to swoon women with the guitar, the overall atmosphere and mood will be sure to keep you smiling. The St. Augustine Amphitheater had many preparations before the arrival of Johnson. The amphitheater team had to make sure there were full recycling stations set up, and also allowed for non-profits such as The St. Johns Riverkeeper and other local organizations to promote their mission and teach people about what they do. Johnson is an environmentalist to the core, and wanted to ensure that the venue he choose to play in was promoting his vision. The amphitheater also took action and decided to sell cups of ice to patrons rather then selling plastic water bottles.

Aside from the amazing effort to “go green,” the music this night was incredible. The show opened with band ALO, and their dynamic and energetic sound got a great reaction from the crowd. It was the perfect opening band, and fans even got a surprise visit from Jack Johnson himself, who helped the band in singing “Girl I Wanna Lay You Down.”

Of course the main performance was one for the books. Johnson’s laid back and extraordinary vocal performance was a huge crowd pleaser. Introducing some of his newer songs and mixing them into his old classics had the entire amphitheater singing along. You can’t beat going to a Jack Johnson show, you just can’t.

Photos: Logan Bowles

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 Via: YouTube