With the latest iOS just released, Apple launches its latest product … Introducing iTunes Radio.itunes 1

So what exactly is iTunes Radio, and how does it compare to pre-existing internet radio providers like Pandora or Spotify? Well, Apple’s newest business venture borrows a lot from its already well-established competitors with a few unique approaches. One feature is that iTunes Radio will create its stations based off of the user’s existing iTunes library, rather than selecting tracks similar to the artist chosen, such as in Pandora. All of the songs available to users for streaming all come from iTunes‘ extensive catalog of music, about 18 million+ songs making it arguably the largest licensed digital library currently available. In addition to that, users are able to make requests for stations via Apple’s personal assistant Siri. Possibly the best part about the new service is that it is free for all iOS and Windows device users. Oh…and users of iTunes Radio are already claiming that it has less ads than Pandora, averaging one 20-second ad per eight songs.

itunes 2

The question is, “Can the new iTunes Radio kill the internet radio reigning champs?” Pictured below is an image of the most popular internet radio providers in a side-by-side comparison.

itunes 4

So what do you think about Apple’s new iOS system and the free-to-use iTunes Radio that comes along with it? Pick a winner and share your thoughts in our comment section below.