The modern NFL landscape focuses heavily on acquiring the edge over your opponent however you can. This is the league of “WHATEVER IT TAKES.”

It’s time to make a long-term investment, though Shahid Khan’s made plenty that can fix the systemic problems. If the front office and coaching staff knew what they were doing, I wouldn’t be writing this.

The Jaguars are reeling after the collective curb stomp from San Diego, the self-inflicted disaster against the Ravens last Sunday and the Packer’s close, yet inevitable triumph in the home opener. That means another three to five year cycle of wasted talent, draft pick and bloated free agent signings. Gus Bradley will not be around (it’s probably safe to say). Do you know who always will be?
TD statan

The Prince of Darkness! Baphomet! Mephistopheles!

Consider it. The training and the talent-level of all NFL teams is near equal. The Jag’s have drafted so well. Parity is what the NFL preaches. But it’s not for us. Sure, other teams have suffered for longer periods of time. But the tech-bro lexicon of the day always talks about INNOVATION and DISRUPTION. Sometimes you’ve got to go all-out, weigh all the options and ask yourself, “Where do I want to be in five years?” My main question is “Why not?” What do the Jaguars have to lose other than the majority of their games? What’s so wrong if the Patriots do it?

Now, I’m not personally advocating animal sacrifice, I’m advocating the Jaguars start advocating for animal sacrifice. You have to pick a deity that promises results. Get an anonymous lineman like Rashod Hill to sell his soul, or a superfluous special teamer like Dwayne Gratz. Worst case scenario they turn into Nicolas Cage from “Ghost Rider.”

nic cage gr


The Jags need a shaman/black priest for a little support. I’ll do it. If the Jags bring the paychecks, I’ll bring the young goats. I’m unsure about the dramatic blood initiation ritual (I’ve never really sacrificed an animal or summoned a demon before) but like any dedicated practitioner, I’ll get the hang of it.

Don’t overreact. I’m not bringing on the End Times. This isn’t “Rosemary’s Baby.” I’m not the Antichrist (that I know of). But seriously … we need to get on this before Cleveland does. What are our other options?