The gang is back for a tenth season. In ” The Gang Beats Boggs” they try and beat a bear drinking record held by baseball Hall of Fame member, Wade Boggs, who makes an appearance in the episode. He allegedly would drink somewhere from 60 to 100 beers before, during and after his team’s cross country flights. It’s probably not possible to drink that many beers, but it’s a great plot for the show.

*Full spoilers ahead.*

The episodes starts with the gang pounding down brews, walking toward their seating on a plane to North Dakota and then LA. Of course, they would not be able to bring their own beers on an airplane, but this is “Sunny,” so that is irrelevant. We find out that they are all in a competition to drink 70 beers, just like Wade Boggs did. Mac, lost an offscreen chug-off, and is in charge of keeping track by tallying their efforts on their shirts.


The entire time, everyone in the show is incredibly drunk. Each character has their great moments. Mac, acting as commissioner, is a parody of actual Major League Baseball. He finds Dee using performing enhancing drugs, but sweeps it under the rug, a reference to the steroid era in the ’90s. Charlie thinks that Wade Boggs is dead (he’s not), and imagines his ghost that encourages him to go on. Him and Dee drink much more than Frank and Dennis.

Frank and Dennis make a bet to see who can join the “Air Sex Society” and get laid on the flight. Dennis goes into his creep mode and finds a nice lady, but ends up taking Franks preferred girl, in one of the more funnier sequences.

The end trumps it all, because Boggs would play the next day, the winner is going to go to a baseball field in LA and get 10 pitches in order to replicate Boggs. As usual, it happens in typical “Sunny” fashion.

This was a great episode to start the season and was able to showcase the gang at their drunken best.